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Renaissance Era Diamond Artistry Gold Ring

SKU: 1313
Sale price$22,000.00

Elevate your ensemble with this masterpiece from the Renaissance era, a fervent period of European artistic, cultural, economic and political “rebirth” following the Middle Ages, generally believed to be from the 14th century to the 17th century.

The discovery of direct sea routes to India allowed European merchants to start sourcing gemstones from India directly, which caused an influx of diamonds. The most common diamond cut was the table cut, a natural diamond crystal in an octahedral shape with one point removed, and the point on the opposite side flattened, as can be seen showcased in the ring.

The result is a diamond with a flat, square-ish facet on top and a flat culet, while the remaining eight crystal faces formed four simple facets at a bevel angle on the crown and four on the pavilion.

Lapidary artists soon realized that the table facet greatly improved the appearance of a diamond. It was as if taking off one of the points had unlocked a diamond’s hidden brilliance, sparkle, fire and dazzling beauty.

Jewelry designers, in turn, endeavored to create designs such as this that could exhibit this new diamond cut to its fullest potential. The results were works of art with delicate design details and fine enameling, quite possibly designed by a painter, cast and shaped by one goldsmith, engraved and enameled by another, and set with gemstones by yet another artisan.

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