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Rosy Romance: The Jogani No Heat Burma Ruby 18K Gold Bracelet

SKU: 1832
Sale price$28,000.00

This Jogani-designed Burma Ruby collet setting silver back 18K Gold Bracelet is a romantic masterpiece that captures the essence of love in every detail. This stunning bracelet features ten deep, pinkish-red ruby cabochons, each approximately 30 carats in weight, set within elegant prongs that evoke the grace and romance of a bygone era.

The Victorian-style of this bracelet is evident in every curve and detail, from the intricate open back setting that allows light to pass through each ruby, to the delicate patterns that adorn the 18K gold bracelet. The collet setting, a hallmark of Victorian jewelry design, securely holds each gemstone in place while also showcasing their natural beauty.

Intriguingly, collet settings were originally used in medieval jewelry-making and reemerged in the Victorian era. They were a popular choice for gemstones because of the security they provided while also allowing light to pass through the stone for maximum brilliance.

The ruby color of this bracelet is truly mesmerizing. It is a pinkish red that glows with intensity, a color that can only be compared to the flush of roses in full bloom. This hue is created by the presence of chromium in the ruby, a mineral that also gives the stone its durability and hardness.

Wearing the Jogani Burma Ruby collet setting silver back 18K Gold Bracelet is like holding a symbol of love on your wrist. The Victorian-style and the stunning ruby color combine to create a piece of jewelry that is both timeless and unforgettable.

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