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Stunning 2.53 ct No Heat Teal Sapphire - Perfect for Unique Jewelry Pieces

SKU: 1697
Sale price$4,200.00

This is a stunning 2.53 carat oval teal sapphire that is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and natural gemstone. The sapphire is completely natural and has not undergone any heat treatments to enhance its color or clarity. This means that the gemstone has not been artificially altered in any way, and its natural beauty is truly breathtaking.

Certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), this sapphire has been evaluated by one of the most respected gemological laboratories in the world. This certification ensures that the sapphire is of the highest quality and has been carefully examined and graded by experts.

The oval shape of the sapphire measures 8.15 x 6.24 x 5.65 mm, making it a sizeable gemstone that is sure to catch the eye. The color of the sapphire is a stunning teal hue that is both vibrant and unique. The cut of the sapphire is excellent, allowing for optimal light performance and sparkle.

Overall, this 2.53 carat natural oval teal sapphire is a magnificent gemstone that is sure to make a statement. Its unique color, excellent cut, and natural origin make it a highly desirable choice for any jewelry enthusiast looking for something special.

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