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Timeless Elegance: 2.01ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Platinum Ring

SKU: 1938
Sale price$24,500.00

Behold the enchanting beauty of our 2.01-carat Old Mine cut diamond, now gracefully set in a platinum ring. This gemstone is not just a sparkling addition to your collection; it's a piece of history. Its size 6 fit, adjustable to suit your need, makes it an ideal choice for a variety of wearers.

Every aspect of this diamond, from its vintage Old Mine cut to its meticulous setting in platinum, narrates a story of time-honored craftsmanship. Measuring 11.40 x 9.74 x 2.32 mm, this diamond has been expertly cut to enhance its white luminescence, showcasing an ethereal sparkle that captures the eye and the imagination.

The Old Mine cut, with its soft, rounded lines, harks back to an era of artisanal excellence. Its flat proportions create a captivating interplay with light, each reflection a glimpse into its storied past. Set in an open bezel in platinum, the ring beautifully accentuates the diamond's innate brilliance, making it a perfect fusion of historical allure and modern elegance.

Certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), this diamond boasts a J color grade, offering a hint of warmth like a touch of sunlight. Its VVS2 clarity rating ensures a near-perfect appearance, with only minute inclusions visible under close inspection.

Ideal for those who cherish a connection with history, this diamond ring resonates with those desiring a gem that carries luminous stories. Its brilliant crystal quality is not just a bearer of light; it's a whisper of epochs long gone, ready to be part of your unique story.

This 2.01-carat Old Mine cut diamond ring in platinum is an exquisite choice for anyone seeking to create an heirloom that combines luxury, history, and unparalleled brilliance. Let its eternal glow be a part of your most treasured moments.

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