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Victorian 6.68-CT Step Cut Light Blue Ceylon Sapphire - A Historical Treasure

SKU: 1903
Sale price$17,500.00

The allure of a Ceylon Sapphire is truly timeless, and this 6.68-carat light blue octagonal gemstone is no exception. This remarkable Step Cut sapphire, hailing from the famed lands of Ceylon, exhibits a rare blend of subtlety and brilliance. It has a light blue hue that calls to mind the quiet serenity of a cloudless sky at dawn, imbuing it with a sense of tranquility and elegance. Its clarity is impressive, with no visible inclusions to detract from its clear, clean brilliance.

A Victorian-era gem, this sapphire boasts a silky crystal quality that adds to its charm. The step cut of the sapphire highlights the gem's unique qualities, enhancing its color and clarity to create an enchanting play of light. This gemstone, like all true Ceylon Sapphires, bears the mark of its origin – it is unheated, preserving the natural beauty and characteristics of the gem.

The allure of this 6.68 carat light blue antique Step Cut no heat Ceylon Sapphire is undeniable. It's a captivating opalescent gemstone that brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any jewelry piece. Its Victorian-era roots add a layer of historical charm, making it not just a gemstone, but a piece of history.

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