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Vintage 2.5 Carat No Heat Purplish Red Ruby and Diamond 18K Gold Ring

SKU: 1868
Sale price$16,000.00

Step into the world of timeless elegance with our Vintage No Heat Purplish Red Ruby and Diamond 18K Gold Ring. This beautiful piece is centered around an exquisite step-cut natural ruby from Thailand, weighing approximately 2.5 carats, boasting a vibrant purplish-red color. The no heat treatment enhances the natural allure of the ruby, amplifying its brilliance and depth of color.

This remarkable gem is set within an 18K gold bezel setting, complemented by 10 near-colorless baguette diamonds and a multitude of near-colorless round brilliant diamonds. Each diamond is meticulously set, amplifying the vibrancy of the ruby and adding a spectacular sparkle to the ring.

Handcrafted to perfection, this vintage-inspired ring embodies a timeless aesthetic that transcends fleeting fashion trends. Sized at 4.75, the ring can be adjusted to guarantee the perfect fit. This piece, certified by the highly reputable gemstone laboratories, is not only a testament to expert workmanship but also a symbol of timeless sophistication. Revel in the allure of this vintage ruby and diamond ring – a truly breathtaking piece of jewelry.

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