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Jogani Beautiful Gemstone

Gems By Jogani

Old Mine White Diamond, 1.51 ct
Cushion Cut White Diamond, 1.54 ct
Cushion Cut Light Pink Diamond, 2.73 ct
Cushion Cut White Diamond, 3.02 ct
Oval Colombian Emerald, Minor Oil, 3.97 ct
Octagonal Burma Ruby, 1.80 ct
Emerald Cut Colombian Emerald, 7.65 ct
Oval Kashmir Sapphire, 2.43 ct
Flat Cushion White Diamond, 2.01 ct
Cushion Cut Brown-Yellow Diamond, 20.37 ct
Cushion Cut Kashmir Sapphire, 2.10 ct
Cushion Cut Burma Ruby, 3.21 ct
Step Cut Imperial Topaz, 11.12 ct
Step Cut Colombian Emerald, 2.18 ct
Step Cut Sapphire, 11.00 ct
Cushion Cut Madagascar Sapphire, 5.03 ct
Oval White Diamond, 5.01 ct
Oval White Diamond, 4.66 ct
Oval Brownish Orange Diamond, 3.01 ct
Cushion Cut Sapphire, 6.43 ct
Step Cut White Diamond, 2.74 ct
Cushion Cut Kashmir Sapphire, 5.13 ct
Step Cut Madagascar Sapphire, 12.82 ct
Cushion Cut Colombian Emerald, 3.34 ct
Cushion Cut Burma Sapphire, 19.73 ct
Oval Colombian Emerald, 6.66 ct
Step Cut White Diamond, 5.06 ct
Old Euro Burma Ruby with Diamond Eye, 2.57 ct
Regal 5.3 CT Kashmir No Heat Cushion Cut Sapphire Jogani Collection
Pear Shaped Colombian Emerald, 4.46 ct
Old Mine Golden Brown Diamond, 5.02 ct
Pair of French Cut Diamonds, 3.11 cts each
Victorian Era 17.58 CT Old Mine Cut Diamond - Bright White, Brilliant Quality, GIA Certified - Jogani
Cushion Cut Brazilian Paraiba, 8.89 ct
Old Mine Cut Light Yellow Diamond, 10.57 ct
Embracing Eternity: The Majestic 13.44 CT Antique Step Cut Deep Rose-Pink No Heat Spinel from Tajikistan - Jogani
Octagonal Padparadscha Sapphire, 2.56 ct
Pear-shaped Light-Brown Diamond, 16.61 ct
Step Cut Moss Diamond, 4.71 ct
Step Cut White Diamond, 7.73 ct
Victorian Carved Colombian Emerald, 6.45 ct
A Fiery Red Wonder of Nature: The Enchanting 5.29-CT Step Cut Burma No Heat Spinel - Jogani
Antique Pear Burma Ruby, 4.07 ct
Briolette White Diamond, 3.17 ct
Asscher Cut Ceylon Sapphire, 19.42 ct