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Jogani Jewelry is instantly recognizable for our unique curation of historic jewels, magical gemstones, and antique diamonds that possess the utmost charm and character. A master at finding and restoring some of the most impressive gems in the world, Jogani has been, and will continue to be, a valued source of unset gems to some of the most hallowed houses and collectors in the jewelry trade.

We painstakingly scour the globe for hundreds of auctions, estates, shows, and individuals to find the ideal treasures.

Our crafted pieces are made in the United States, completely by hand, in Los Angeles. Jogani respectfully only commissions projects that are distinctly in the style of Jogani.

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The right gemstone or jewel is a treasure that will always be sought after and stand the test of time. Jogani offers only the rarest pieces, embodying history, charm, character, and a certain glow that we all seek in the greatest works of art. Jewelry and gemstones are not only pieces of art, but they are our spiritual armor, a reflection of each individual’s unique journey.

With this sentiment in mind, Jogani only cultivates the finest treasures, honoring the character of each distinct stone or jewel with the individuality of the end user in mind.

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The constantly evolving Jogani brand has recently ventured into crafting original works with some of the finest gems in the collection. These pieces are designed to highlight the authentic narrative of each gem while also paying homage to the craftsmanship of ancient times.

Our organic designs deliver a seamless interaction between humankind and nature. Strong geometric angles meet soft curves in his microscopic architectural masterpieces. Jogani also utilizes the ancient crafting technique of carefully molding metal around the individual shape of the gem, producing a treasure that is irreplaceable.

Mixing metals, unusual colors, and varying materials are hallmarks of the Jogani style.

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Great jewels tend to appreciate over time, and Jogani is always looking to purchase and place the most important antique gemstones and jewelry with our clients. Acquiring and selling pieces that possess rarity, quality, provenance, and charm is our passion, and we would love to help you find your valuable jewels and gemstones a new home.

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