The right treasure is one that will always be sought after flourishing through the test of time.

Gemstones are as unique as a fingerprint. A natural gems blend of colors and cornucopia of characteristic inclusions, are the hallmarks of rarity. A gemstone is a story of the earths geological processes, manifesting itself in serendipitous beauty.

Antique stones where polished to maximize light play and charm, rather than weight retention. Each stone had a story to tell, that was brought out by the polisher, a skill almost lost today.




1 213 622 9700

Our gems can be inquired about and purchased through direct communication with Mr. Jogani. Serious inquiries only.


We actively seek rare diamonds, gemstones and antique jewelry.

We are discerning buyers, but pay handsomely for the rarest of gems.

Send us photos of a piece you believe belongs in our vault. Any documentation tends to help. or WhatsApp



The Gallery @ Silver Lake

A curated pop up only space, designed specifically for jewelry designers. Located in the heart of the historic Silver Lake neighborhood at

1626 Silver Lake blvd. 91206

The gallery has three spaces for showcases, a private meeting room, a back office lounge, and an incredible rooftop garden.

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Jewel Chats

A community for the jewelry trade

The platform is dedicated to creating a safe, private and inclusive environment for vetted members of the jewelry trade.

Our world rapidly races to find its bearings in an increasingly online world, Jewel Chats is the social engine to serve as the backbone of our industry.

Services such as *Reference Check, *Interactive Directory and *Jewel Posts will allow us to socialize and trade in a safe and effective manner.