Anup Jogani, owner of Jogani, is one of the most prolific sources of rare and collectible gemstones, hence the moniker, β€œcrazygemhunter.” 

Mr. Jogani actively and discerningly seeks out the most extraordinary diamonds and colored stones. Each has a beautiful blend of colors and internal qualities that represent their magical manifestation in the Earth, and, quite often, that highly sought-after ethereal glow.

Antique stones, often from mines that are long extinct, particularly catch his eye. Mr. Jogani appreciates how they were fashioned to maximize light-play and charm over weight. Each has a story to tell, and he knows these treasures will flourish throughout time, equally delighting the jewelry designer, the gem lover and the connoisseur.


Why Imperfect is Perfect-Jogani

Why Imperfect is Perfect

Dealer Anup Jogani explains why searching for β€œthe perfect gem” is a flawed method of action. Think about this concept as it applies to falling in ...

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