The right treasure is one that will always be sought after, standing the test of time.

Every gemstone should be as unique as a fingerprint. Jogani curates jewels that embody the utmost character and history, by scouring the globe for hundreds of auctions, estates, shows, and individuals for unusual treasures.

Old stones possess more than perfect symmetry or shape but rather organic light play and unique angles. Each stone has undergone the process of attaining a certain personality.

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We provide insured, overnight shipping at no charge to you for all items. Please see our Refund and Shipping policy more details. 


The most reputable labs are the G.I.A , S.S.E.F and A.G.L. and Gubelin. We make sure your gemstone is verified by one or more of these labs.


Jogani is always looking to purchase important antique jewels for our discerning clients. 

We like to purchase rare and important antique diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. We are very discerning buyers and pay handsomely for the rare.

We require photos of any piece before evaluation. Any certificates, documentation, or appraisals also tend to help.  Please email us at or text, call or whatsaap us at +1 213 622 9700