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Selling Jewels to Jogani
Selling Jewels to Jogani

At Jogani, we specialize in acquiring and showcasing the world's finest quality jewels, making us a top destination for exceptional gemstones and exquisite jewelry. Our team expertly navigates the landscape of auction houses, financial institutions, and the jewelry trade to uncover remarkable treasures that cater to discerning collectors and designers alike. As a result, our platform has become a trusted and prominent destination for selling your valuable jewels with complete confidentiality.

To streamline the process, we provide free insured shipping, safeguarded by the renowned Lloyd's of London. Our reputation as a distinguished jewelry buyer stems from our keen eye for detail and appreciation for the extraordinary. With Jogani, you can be confident that your gemstone will find a collector or investor who understands its true potential.

As highly competitive cash buyers, we focus on fine gemstones and diamonds, offering accurate valuations based on images and certifications from reputable organizations such as G.I.A, A.G.L., S.S.E.F, or Gubelin. Our discerning approach means we purchase or consign only the most collectible jewels, often providing the most attractive offers on the market.

Our interests lie primarily in auction-worthy treasures, including antique stones larger than 3 carats and exceptional antique jewelry. Experience the warm professionalism of Jogani and trust us to expertly handle your prized possessions, making us your go-to jewelry buyer for unique and timeless pieces.

Upon receiving the merchandise, our team of experts will meticulously inspect the item to verify its authenticity and confirm the legitimacy of ownership through the appropriate channels. Once these crucial steps are completed, we will promptly initiate a wire transfer on the same day to ensure a seamless and efficient transaction.

Consignments At Jogani, we are pleased to accept consignments, providing you with an opportunity to leverage our extensive network for showcasing your heirloom. Please be aware that the consignment process may take longer, and it is essential for sellers to maintain reasonable pricing expectations. In exchange for our expertise and services, we charge a transparent flat fee of 15% to facilitate the transaction and manage all the necessary steps involved in presenting and selling your treasured piece.

When we accept a consignment, we will provide a concise contract outlining the agreed-upon selling price, terms, and transaction fee. This ensures a clear understanding between both parties and serves as a record of the agreement, facilitating a smooth and professional consignment experience.

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