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Jewelry by Jogani

Jewels by Jogani

Peruzzi Cut Cognac Diamond & Kashmir Sapphire Ring, 8.66 ct
Cushion Cut Padparadscha Sapphire Ring, 12.42 ct
Elongated Cushion Cut White Diamond Ring, 5.03 ct
Cushion Cut White Diamond Ring, 4.01 ct
Emerald Cut Montana Sapphire Necklace, 7.0 tcw
Step Cut Colombian Emerald Ring, 10.97 ct
Cabochon Sapphire Ring, 2.00 ct
Georgian Rose Cut White Diamond Necklace, 18.00 tcw
Cushion Cut White Diamond Ring, 3.02 ct
Cushion Cut Slightly Warm Diamond Ring, 3.01 ct
Cushion Cut White Diamond Ring, 4.47 ct
Cushion Cut White Diamond Ring, 3.01 ct
Old Mine Orange Diamond Ring, 2.31 ct
Cushion Cut Burma Sapphire Ring, 3.44 ct
Ancient Ring - SKU 1377
Elongated Old Mine Warm Diamond Ring, 5.53 ct
Carre Cut Burma Ruby Bangle, 8 TCW
Step Cut Colombian Emerald Deco Ring, 3.21 ct
Cushion Cut Peach Diamond Ring, 3.02 ct
Cushion Cut Madagascar Sapphire & Burma Ruby Ring, 14.14 ct
Old Mine White Diamond Ring, 2.01 ct
Georgian Cobblestone Old Mine White Diamond Ring, 6 tcw
Portrait Cut Hexagonal White Diamond Ring, 3.66 ct
Step Cut Sandawana Emerald Ring, 3.76 ct
Ceylon Cushion Cut Alexandrite Ring, 10.11 ct
Asscher Cut Ceylon Sapphire Ring, 5.31 ct
Jogani Victorian-Inspired 4.51ct Colombian Emerald Pendant in 18K Gold 1
 Jogani Twin Step Cut Diamond Earrings: Platinum Brilliance 2
Jogani 2.15 ct Ceylon Sapphire Gold Ring - A Royal Blue Gemstone 6
Jogani  Emerald Bracelet 1
Jogani Renaissance Revival Emerald and Diamond Enamel Brooch
Step Cut Golden Brown Diamond Ring, 1.56 ct
Cushion Cut Lightly Golden Diamond Ring, 4.00 ct
No Heat 2 CT Ruby Bead 18K Gold Handmade Ring in Suspended Setting by Jogani
Late Edwardian Step Cut Spinel & Diamond Ring, 6.47 ct
Jogani Gallery  1.24-ct Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Ring
Jogani Exquisite 1.86ct Burmese "Pigeon Blood" Ruby and Diamond Art Deco Ring
Jogani Colombian Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings in 18K Gold 4
Cartier White Diamond Clip Brooch, 10.38 tcw
Jogani Art Deco-Inspired 3.03ct Lozenge Diamond Ring with Rubies in 18K Gold 1
Jogani 8.06 Carat Step Cut Diamond in Elegant Rose Gold Ring 3
Jogani Gallery Exquisite Georgian Era Ring with a Glowing 3.12 CT No Heat Burmese Ruby and Lustrous
1.96 CT Russian Alexandrite Gold Ring | Color-Changing Heirloom Jogani Collection
Oval Amber Diamond Ring, 2.10 ct
Sugarloaf Burma Sapphire & Ruby Ring, 10.99 ct
Jogani 22K Gold Ring with 1.29-Ct Pigeon’s Blood no heat Burma Ruby
Handmade 18K Gold Cigar Band Ring with a 2.14 CT Oval Portrait Cut Pink Burma Sapphire - Jogani
Flat Cushion Tajikistan Spinel Ring, 5.00 ct