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About Jogani

At Jogani, our mission reverberates with the shimmering allure of the rare and the unusual. Founded in 2006 by Anup Jogani, we pride ourselves on sourcing extraordinary gemstones and diamonds that captivate both the jewelry trade and avid collectors. Our expertise lies in unearthing hidden treasures, curating pieces that not only embody their remarkable heritage but also promise an enduring appeal.

Anup's fascination with antiquity, the esoteric, and the timeless has served as the cornerstone of our establishment. His inherent knack for treasure hunting led him through a labyrinth of estate sales, pawnshops, and auction houses, mining sustainably sourced antique gems and diamonds. Over the years, Anup dedicated significant time to mastering the delicate art of gem cutting, understanding the intricate dance between light, facets, and the innate characteristics of each gem. This focus on revealing the true potential of every gem, enhancing its natural beauty while honoring its original form, has gained Jogani worldwide recognition and respect within the gem trade.

The inauguration of the Jogani Gallery marked the beginning of a new epoch, underlining our commitment to fostering collaborative relationships within our designer community. Our gallery serves as a compelling space for our trade partners, a platform where their remarkable works are showcased, reflecting their skill and our shared passion for exquisite jewels.

We at Jogani are eager to embark on this glittering journey with you, promising a relationship forged in trust, quality, and the enchanting world of rare gemstones and diamonds. Welcome to Jogani – where history, beauty, and rarity intertwine.


Anup Jogani

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Antique Diamond from Jogani