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Article: Introduction to Gems

Introduction to Gems-Jogani

Introduction to Gems

Introduction to Gems

The Hope Diamond is one of the most well-known diamonds in the world (photo source: Vogue)

The history of gems

For thousands of years, humans have been captivated by the most beautiful and intricate gifts that Mother Nature has to offer: gemstones. It’s difficult to pinpoint a singular reason why gems cast such a powerful spell on us. Is it their color? Their luminosity? The great lengths we must go to in order to draw them into our lives? Whatever it is, it’s a magic that’s as old as time - and while other trends throughout history have come and gone, the desire for gemstones has proven to be immortal.

In ancient times, gem traders ascribed magical properties to the jewels that they offered. Age-old myths told of crystals believed to draw in love, while other stones were heralded as sources of wisdom, protection, and strength. Countless ancient texts mention gemstones, including the Bible and Peri Lithon (Of Stones) by Theophrastus, successor to Aristotle. Oftentimes, gems were even offered in powdered form as medicine.

To this day, many people still seek out gems for their spiritual properties, and whether you believe in their magic or simply covet them for their beauty, there’s no denying the hold that gemstones have over humankind. It’s why gifting a gem is one of the most powerful ways to say “I love you” - it’s a message that’s deeply rooted in history.

Finding the right gem for you

The next time you hold a gemstone, take a closer look and find what makes it extraordinary. How does it play with the light? What inclusions does it hold? Does its color change when you look at it from different angles? What is it about this gem that makes it feel like it’s the one for you?

When shopping for a new necklace, a bracelet, or the perfect engagement ring, it’s easy to forget that the jewels we adorn ourselves with come from deep within the earth, and that’s what makes each one so unique and special - just as no two people are alike, no two gems are alike.

When trying to better understand a gem, key attributes to look for are fluorescence, chatoyance, asterism, aventurescence, and iridescence.Fluorescence and iridescence speak to the color of a gem, while chatoyance, asterism, and aventurescence describe special light formations that a gem displays, like a cat eye effect or star effect. Noticing these attributes in a gemstone will help you better appreciate what makes it extraordinary.

Introduction to Gems
This ring is displaying what's known as a "cat eye effect" (photo source: Gia)
Introduction to Gems
Fluorescence speaks to the color of a gem (photo source: With Clarity)

Most importantly, when choosing a gem for yourself or a loved one, notice how it makes you feel. If there’s a gem that you find particularly striking, a gem with something indescribable that just makes it feel right, trust the way you feel. Sometimes, gems make their way into our lives, for reasons that can’t always be explained in words.

Why Jogani gems are different

Whether you’re a gemstone expert or are dipping your toes into the gem world for the very first time, Jogani is dedicated to finding the perfect piece for you. We pride ourselves on providing antique treasures that are as brilliant and unique as you are. Each of our gems is painstakingly sourced, carefully chosen to ensure the utmost quality and beauty, then crafted completely by hand by skilled artisans in Los Angeles.

When curating our collection, we ensure that each piece is both timeless and unlike any other gem on the market. The Jogani style is one that both honors the ancient history of gems and paves the way for something completely new. We’re experts and innovators in the field, and we’re ready to lead you on your journey to the perfect gem.



Emily Meneses

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