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Article: Why Imperfect is Perfect

Why Imperfect is Perfect-Jogani

Why Imperfect is Perfect

Dealer Anup Jogani explains why searching for “the perfect gem” is a flawed method of action.

Think about this concept as it applies to falling in love. When you find someone you like, you are attracted to them in some way, and you feel uplifted around them. To love someone, however, is to know that person, including all of their flaws that make them distinct and human. Those flaws and imperfections create the character that you find you can’t live without.

That same sentiment relates to how a dealer interacts with gems because perfect and imperfect present as a dichotomy, when, in reality, they operate on a scale. There is a balance between exquisite form and deviations from that form that create a spirit in the stone that is wholly individualized.

three diamond rings

What we find beautiful in people, places, and goods such as gemstones is what makes us human. The overall symphony of nuances and imperfections not only speaks to our individual identities, but also connect us to what makes us real. In the age of misinformation and manipulation, we’re all seeking what’s genuine and authentic.

What makes a gemstone real is its personality, as defined by its fine qualities, quirks, and eccentricities. The marks of a stone’s birth are hidden in the stone for the dealer to discover and venerate. A microscope is a fantastic tool for inspecting a gem that you have bought and now cherish. New peaks and forests lie waiting in that stone for decades to come.

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