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At Jogani, we cater to both retail and wholesale clients, offering specialized trade sales options for our wholesale customers.

To establish credit for wholesale transactions, we require a thorough credit check to ensure a strong foundation for our business relationship. Once credit is approved, we can offer payment terms specifically tailored to our wholesale clients, which differ from our layaway plan.

For retail clients, we provide a personalized layaway plan as a financing option, determined on a per-transaction basis and at our discretion. All layaway purchases are considered final sale and require at least a 20% deposit. Individual layaway terms will be outlined in the invoice, which will necessitate a signature from the purchasing party to confirm agreement.

Please be aware that if more than two consecutive payment periods are missed as per the invoice terms, all funds will be forfeited, and the item will be returned to our stock. Our layaway plan is designed to provide you with the flexibility to acquire your desired treasures while adhering to a structured payment schedule.

By offering distinct financing options for both retail and wholesale clients, we strive to accommodate the unique needs of all our valued customers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience with Jogani.

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