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1.24-ct Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Ring

SKU: 1811
Sale price$48,000.00

Adorn your hand with the splendor of the ocean captured in this exquisite 1.24-carat Pear cut Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline ring. This no heat, rare gemstone is a marvel of nature, boasting a transparent quality that allows it to glow with a watery intense blue color, reminiscent of the most serene tropical seas under a bright sunlit sky.

Meticulously measured at 7.86 x 6.42 x 4.07 mm, this Paraiba tourmaline is impeccably sized for grace and elegance upon the hand. Its pear cut shape brings a touch of sophistication, enhancing the stone's inherent luminosity. As part of the distinguished Tourmaline family, this gemstone is celebrated for its exceptional clarity and durability, promising enduring beauty suitable for daily adornment.

This gem hails from the famed Brazilian gemstone territories, renowned for yielding some of the most extraordinary gems in the world. The distinct and vivid hue of this Paraiba tourmaline is completely natural, with no indications of heating—a testament to its pure and unaltered beauty, as confirmed by its GIA certification (Report No. 7451418186).

The Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline is a gem of rarity and prestige, its intense blue-green color born from the earth’s alchemy of copper and manganese. The intricate geological processes that give rise to such a gemstone render it not just a jewel but a slice of the planet’s history.

This magnificent 1.24-carat Pear cut Brazilian Paraiba is now set in a sleek, platinum ring, size 6, showcasing the stone in an open bezel setting that amplifies its breathtaking color. The ring's handmade craftsmanship ensures that each facet of the gem is displayed to its finest advantage, allowing the vibrant play of light to mesmerize all who behold it.

The union of this natural wonder with a platinum band embodies a commitment to both luxury and sustainability. This ring is a treasure of the earth that brings the allure of Brazil’s vibrant spirit to your personal collection, promising to be an heirloom piece cherished for generations.

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