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1.96 CT Russian Alexandrite Gold Ring

SKU: 1689
Sale price$42,000.00

Discover the allure of this 1.96-carat Russian Alexandrite, a gem with the extraordinary ability to change color, now beautifully mounted in a bespoke 18K gold ring. Originating from the Ural Mountains, this pear-cut jewel pays homage to Tsar Alexander II with its chromatic metamorphosis from the serene grayish bluish-green of daylight to the illustrious purplish-pink under incandescent lighting.

Expertly sized at 6.25 with the option for adjustment, this ring accommodates the perfect fit. The gemstone, sized at 9.12 x 5.96 x 4.91 mm, carries the authenticity of its AGL certification. Its open bezel setting is designed to celebrate the Alexandrite's captivating color shift, amplifying the gem’s dual personality with an elegant display.

Russian Alexandrite is a prized rarity, once lavishly abundant and now a gemstone revered by collectors for its unique properties and remarkable beauty. This handcrafted ring is not only a piece of jewelry but a storied artifact, exuding a legacy of luxury and an air of aristocracy.

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