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10.21-CT Sugarloaf Emerald

SKU: 2050
Sale price$95,000.00

Immerse yourself in the verdant allure of this 10.21-carat Sugarloaf Emerald, a gemstone that epitomizes the enchanting beauty of nature. Hailing from the depths of the earth, this emerald shines with a vivid green hue, reminiscent of a lush forest under the canopy of spring. The sugarloaf shape, a testament to skilled craftsmanship, presents a unique and sculptural silhouette that captures the eye and ignites the imagination.

This exquisite emerald boasts a clarity that is remarkably clean for its kind, peppered with just enough natural inclusions to tell its ancient story without detracting from its mesmerizing glow. Treated with moderate oil—a common and accepted practice—this treatment enhances its satiny crystal quality, ensuring that its radiant green luster gleams with an unparalleled softness and depth.

Whether envisioned as the centerpiece of an heirloom piece or a statement jewel in a bespoke collection, this sugarloaf emerald invites you to own a slice of the earth's splendor. With its significant carat weight and captivating shape, it stands as a symbol of elegance, refinement, and the enduring allure of nature's treasures.

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