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16.61-Carat Pear-Shaped Light-Brown Diamond

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Experience the enchanting allure of our spectacular 16.61-carat light-brown diamond, a substantial gemstone that seamlessly melds a delicate hue with impeccably elegant form.

Radiating a soft, light-brown color, akin to a gentle embrace from nature through its formation, this diamond whispers tales from its journey from the earth's mantle to its surface. The uniquely gentle brown tint unfolds from stresses encountered during its creation, distorting the crystal lattice and bequeathing it with parallel, brown grain lines. The resultant shade, showcased vividly in this gem, exudes a warm, radiant charm that elevates its exquisite appeal.

Exhibiting a clarity grade of VVS1, this diamond possesses few inclusions, enabling it to disperse light brilliantly and reflect it maximally, thereby enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal and desirability. The beauty of the stone is further accentuated by its sizeable presence; a 16.61-carat diamond is undoubtedly an incredible spectacle, particularly in such a charming light-brown color.

Endowed with an elegant and timeless pear shape, this diamond lends itself flawlessly to fine jewelry, making it a stellar choice for those seeking a piece that marries classical design with notable magnitude.

Accompanied by a GIA certificate, number 2201442836, this diamond isn’t just authenticated; it’s celebrated for its specificity and flaunting a color grade in the W to X range, light brown.

In totality, this 16.61-carat, pear-shaped, light-brown diamond isn't merely a gemstone; it is a symphony of nature's artistry and skilled craftsmanship, designed to captivate, sparkle, and be adored through generations.

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