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17.58 CT White Old Mine Cut Diamond

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Introducing this magnificent gemstone, a significant 17.58 carat Old Mine cut diamond with origins dating back to the Victorian era. It shines with a bright white natural color, making it a truly brilliant spectacle. Although moderately included, the diamond's allure is unmissable and resonates with the charm of the past. The proportions of this diamond are spread, contributing to its distinctive sparkle and captivating charm.

Possessing a high crown, a characteristic highly favored in antique gemstones, it beautifully exemplifies the quality of gemstones from the Victorian era. The diamond is accompanied by a GIA certificate (number 2221978393), which notes an I color grade and I1 clarity, attesting to its genuine quality and uniqueness. Measuring at 17.55 x 17.02 x 8.42 mm, this old mine cut diamond is an extraordinary treasure that will undoubtedly make a stunning centerpiece in any setting.

Dive into the history and charm of this Victorian-era diamond, as its brilliant crystal quality and intriguing characteristics offer a rare and fascinating glimpse into the past.

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