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22K Gold Ring with 1.29-Ct Pigeon’s Blood no heat Burma Ruby

SKU: 1651
Sale price$24,000.00

Encapsulating a story of unparalleled beauty and meticulous artisanship, this exquisitely re-imagined 22k gold ring, cradling a Pigeon's Blood step-cut no heat Burma Ruby, offers a magnificent nod to the grandeur of the Renaissance era. The central spectacle—a 1.29-carat natural, untreated Burmese ruby—mesmerizes with its profound, vibrant red hue, akin to the distinctive color of pigeon's blood, and is precisely shaped with dimensions of 7.0 x 5.8 x 2.89 mm.

Positioned within an open bezel setting, which elegantly displays the ruby's certifiable allure (verified by AGL), the gem is flanked by intricate scrollwork adorning the sides of the setting, each detail wrought from splendid 22k gold, cherished for its radiant color and unparalleled durability. This design pays a refined tribute to the Renaissance, encapsulating its notable decadence and regal sophistication through a meticulously crafted scrolling pattern, reflecting not only the revered artistry of the era's jewelers but also the exemplary skill and visionary eye of its modern creator.

Symbolic of fervent passion, profound love, and vibrant vitality, Burmese rubies—especially those embodying such eminent quality and vivid coloring—have historically been revered, taking honored places within the esteemed collections of royalty and nobility. Bridging the opulent spirit of a historical epoch with a timeless, contemporary aesthetic, this 22k gold ring, available in size 6.25 and adjustable to ensure a perfect fit, emerges as an unmatched jewel, intertwining rich history and modern sophistication in a singular, luxurious embrace.

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