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3.66 CT Hexagonal Portrait Cut White Diamond

SKU: 382
Sale price$36,000.00

Introducing the mesmerizing 3.66 carat Hexagonal Portrait Cut White Diamond - a true wonder of nature that is sure to steal your heart. This diamond's impressive size of 12.05 x 10.68 x 2.94 mm is matched only by its enchanting beauty.

The hexagonal portrait cut gives this diamond a unique character, with each facet carefully placed to create a stunning play of light and reflection that will leave you breathless. This cut is perfect for those who seek a diamond that is as rare and unique as their love.

The diamond's color grade of J imbues it with a warm, captivating glow that will remind you of your love's warmth and radiance. Its clarity grade of VS2 ensures that it is pure and flawless, much like your love.

With excellent symmetry and no fluorescence, this diamond has a flawless quality that is sure to captivate your heart. As a GIA-certified diamond, you can be confident in its quality and authenticity.

The history of the hexagonal cut for diamonds is as captivating as the diamond itself. This cut has been a symbol of sophistication and elegance since the 16th century, and its popularity for diamonds soared in the 1920s. The hexagonal cut is a reflection of the diamond's beauty, revealing its innermost secrets to those who appreciate its subtle intricacies.

In summary, the 3.66 carat Hexagonal Portrait Cut White Diamond is a perfect expression of your love. Its unique hexagonal cut, warm color, and stunning clarity make it a symbol of your rare and everlasting love, ensuring that it will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

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