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3.76-Carat Sandawana Emerald 18K Gold Ring

Sale price$28,000.00

Indulge in the splendor of Jogani's handcrafted 18K gold ring, a testament to timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship. This remarkable ring is adorned with a 3.76-carat Sandawana Emerald from Zambia, a gemstone renowned for its intense vibrancy and unparalleled clarity.

The ring is centered around a magnificent octagonal, vivid green emerald. Its symmetric step cut magnifies the stone's natural beauty, drawing attention to its striking depth and vivid hues. The emerald's cleanish clarity is a window to the lush green landscapes of Zambia, home to the world-famous Sandawana mines.

Complementing the central gem are two rectangular emeralds on each side, collectively weighing 0.8 carats. Their placement in the ring's design adds a harmonious symmetry, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The open bezel setting of each emerald ensures an unimpeded passage of light, illuminating their rich, green brilliance.

Expertly crafted by Jogani, this ring is a perfect blend of modern sophistication and classic allure. The use of 18K gold not only enriches the ring's elegance but also signifies its enduring quality. Designed at size 5, this exquisite piece offers the flexibility of size adjustment to ensure a perfect fit for its wearer.

This exquisite Sandawana Emerald ring is more than an accessory; it is a symbol of luxury and a celebration of nature's artistry. Whether as a stunning addition to your jewelry collection or a cherished gift for someone special, this ring, with its captivating emerald and timeless design, is destined to be admired and treasured for generations.

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