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4.82 CT Purple Star Ceylon Sapphire Ring

SKU: 1290
Sale price$12,500.00

A very rare, purple star sapphire cabochon totaling 4.82 carats is the star of this beautiful, original ring by Jogani. 

The sapphire’s stunning purple color—highly prized for its associations with royalty and wealth—is all natural, exuding elegance and sophistication, while its “star” adds to its allure.

Characteristic of star sapphires, the gem displays the phenomenon known as asterism, caused by reflections from tiny, needle-like inclusions in the stone that are oriented in several specific directions to create the distinct rays of light. These rays appear to move slowly across the surface of the polished cabochon when the stone is swayed, adding to its mystique and charm.

The purple star sapphire is set in an exquisite gypsy-style setting of brushed 18-karat yellow gold, the color of which historically represents kingly status. The two colors combined offer a dignified and luxurious look for a timeless jewel.

The ring is a size 6.5, but can be sized according to your needs.

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