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5.02 Carat Golden Brown Old Mine Diamond

SKU: 1951
Sale price$38,000.00

This 5.02-carat diamond combines the character of its original Old Mine cut with the benefits of modern craftsmanship. Originally certified by the GIA, the diamond has since been recut to enhance its luster and appeal. The natural, fancy dark yellowish-brown color provides a touch of classic elegance, while the SI2 clarity rating assures its quality.

The Old Mine cut, known for its deep pavilion and large facets, gives this diamond a distinctive sparkle, well-suited for those who appreciate the fusion of historical charm and contemporary precision. The squarish shape with rounded corners remains true to the diamond's vintage roots, offering a nod to its storied heritage.

This recut diamond is ready to be set into a new piece of fine jewelry, where it can continue its legacy. It stands out with a robust presence, promising to be a focal point of design that values both the diamond's intrinsic beauty and its storied past. It is an ideal choice for creating an heirloom-quality piece that honors the timeless nature of diamonds.

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