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5.3 CT Kashmir No Heat Cushion Cut Sapphire

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Unveil the splendor of a bygone era with this exquisite 5.3-carat Kashmir Sapphire, a treasure of the earth that radiates with a profound royal blue saturation. This gemstone's revered origin is echoed in its unmatched purity, with a clarity that speaks of the tranquil lakes and clear skies of its Himalayan homeland. The antique cushion silhouette, revered for its softened corners and historic charm, magnifies the sapphire's deep, velvety blue tones, creating an heirloom presence that is both sophisticated and enchanting.

The sapphire's elegant elongation and substantial size are a testament to nature's artistry. Certified by the Swiss Gemological Institute (SSEF), its no heat treatment assures its color and clarity are as nature intended—unadulterated and beautifully serene.

The Kashmir Sapphire, known for its luxurious hue and velvety luster, is a gem that has adorned the crowns of royalty and the collections of the elite. This 5.3-carat wonder, with its rich saturation and luminescent crystal quality, continues this legacy, offering its next guardian the opportunity to own a slice of gemological paradise. A gemstone of this caliber is not merely an acquisition but a legacy purchase, destined to be the centerpiece of a magnificent piece of jewelry and a prized asset for generations.

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