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7.36-ct Step Cut Ceylon Sapphire Ring in 18K Rose Gold

SKU: 1360
Sale price$59,000.00

Embrace the elegance of this octagonal 7.36-carat step cut Ceylon sapphire ring, set majestically in an open bezel setting of 18K Rose Gold. This unique creation resonates with a deep berry color, illuminated by subtle hints of red and pink, offering a luxurious and glamorous feel. A gentle purple undertone further intensifies its velvety allure.

Originating from Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, this sapphire exemplifies the superior quality and unmatched colors that Ceylon sapphires are globally celebrated for. Their distinct colors and textures, rooted in Sri Lanka's unique geological attributes, have positioned them amongst the most coveted gemstones.

Its step cut, characterized by a plethora of facets and softened edges, bestows a classic vintage charm. Favored during the 19th and early 20th centuries, this cut was often showcased in antique jewelry, especially rings, as its softened corners enhance durability and reduce the risk of chipping.

Now beautifully mounted in a size 6.25 ring, which can be resized upon request, this 7.36-carat sapphire measuring 12.85 x 9.50 x 7.20 mm stands as a mesmerizing blend of nature's grandeur and artisanal craftsmanship. Its rich berry shade, intertwined with red and pink hues, combined with the vintage allure of its step cut, cements its status as an exceptional piece for both jewelry aficionados and discerning collectors.

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