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9-Carat Pink Ceylon Sapphire Pendant by Jenna Katz

Sale price$16,800.00

Introducing a breathtaking pendant designed by Jenna Katz, featuring a stunning 9-carat Ceylon Sapphire at its center. This gemstone, with its captivating pink hue, exudes a romantic allure that is sure to turn heads.

The natural clarity of this sapphire is slightly included, which adds depth and character to the gemstone. The chunky proportions of the oval shape showcase the unique, silky crystal quality that lends an enchanting sparkle to this remarkable piece.

Untreated and sourced from the famed Ceylon region, this sapphire pendant measures 15mm by 11.1mm, a testament to its impressive size and presence.

Expertly set in 18K gold, the bezel setting showcases the modern handmade craftsmanship by Jenna Katz, emphasizing the pendant's timeless appeal. The meticulous workmanship is evident in every detail, ensuring that this pendant is an unforgettable treasure.

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