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Deco-Inspired 7.12-CT Portrait Diamond Ring with Step Cut Emeralds in 20k Rose Gold

SKU: 952
Sale price$80,000.00

Unleash your romantic charm with this 7.12-carat Portrait Diamond Ring, now beautifully reimagined as the centerpiece in an original Jogani design. Encased in 20k rose gold, the champagne colored diamond exudes the warmth of a sunlit day, radiating an irresistible, effulgent joy.

The clarity of this diamond is extraordinary, possessing a transparency akin to a pristine stream. Its unblemished surface refracts light in a mesmerizing dance, casting a scintillating brilliance that bathes its surroundings with a soft golden aura.

Complementing the diamond are two elongated step-cut emeralds, their verdant hue offering a stunning contrast to the golden tones of the central diamond. These precious emeralds bring an additional 2 carats of captivating beauty to the design.

This masterpiece captures the early 20th-century charm of the portrait cut. The portrait cut, with its rectangular shape and rounded corners, was designed to enhance the diamond's natural beauty and character—reminiscent of a beautifully captured portrait painting.

This sleek, Deco-inspired 20k Rose Gold ring is a true testament to Jogani's refined craftsmanship. It's entirely handmade, reflecting a blend of history, artistry, and modern elegance. This size 6.5 ring is designed with flexibility in mind and can be easily adjusted if required.

This Portrait Diamond Ring stands as an object of desire for collectors and connoisseurs of fine jewelry alike. With its exquisite beauty, rich history, and rare craftsmanship, this piece is not just a sight to behold but a treasure to own.

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