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Georgian Era Ring with a 3.12 CT No Heat Burmese Ruby and Table-Cut Diamonds

SKU: 1761
Sale price$110,000.00

Step into a world where timeless romance meets exquisite craftsmanship with this Georgian-era inspired ring. Central to its allure is a majestic 3.12-carat Burmese ruby, radiating a purplish-red hue that is as deep as it is pure, owing to the absence of heat treatment. The ruby's origin from the storied valleys of Burma enriches its narrative, making it a gem of both beauty and legacy.

Encircled by a constellation of table-cut diamonds, each one meticulously placed in a silver over gold setting, the ring sparkles with a vintage charm. These diamonds, cut in their natural octahedral shape, lend an antique elegance to the design, reminiscent of the delicate lace of a Valentine's heart and symbolizing a love that is both enduring and endearing.

Designed to fit a size 5.5, the ring's band can be adjusted to accommodate a perfect fit, ensuring that its beauty and significance can be appreciated across time. This piece is more than a jewel; it's a storied treasure that captures the essence of an era renowned for its romantic opulence, ready to enchant a new generation with its undiminished splendor.

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