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Renaissance Inspired 1.20ct Teal Ceylon Sapphire Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

SKU: 1695
Sale price$4,800.00

Embrace the allure of the ocean's depths with our 1.20-carat Step Cut Teal Ceylon Sapphire Ring, a treasure reminiscent of a serene sea under a sunlit sky. This Renaissance inspired masterpiece is crafted in elegant 18K yellow gold, featuring a mesmerizing teal sapphire, with its intricate scroll work pattern on the band, offering a harmonious blend of artistry and natural splendor.

The Ceylon sapphire's step cut unlocks a world of color, with each facet revealing shades of green and blue that intermingle in a vibrant dance. It's a captivating hue, reminiscent of peacock feathers and mermaid scales, that draws the eye and stirs the imagination. The teal sapphire, weighing 1.20 carats, is thoughtfully set in an open bezel setting, emphasizing its unique color and brilliance.

The ring's design is a nod to the Renaissance era, with beautiful scroll work patterns adorning the band. This detail not only adds to the ring's beauty but also evokes a sense of timelessness and romance. Sized at 6.25, this ring fits comfortably, feeling like a reassuring touch of a loved one.

More than just a piece of jewelry, this teal sapphire ring symbolizes the playful and passionate love that brightens your life. Its step cut not only showcases the gemstone's beauty but also adds a modern twist to its classical design. Whether worn as a symbol of love or as a celebration of nature's wonders, this 1.20-carat teal sapphire ring in 18K yellow gold is sure to captivate and charm.

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