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Victorian Inspired 3.66-CT Hexagonal Diamond Ring

SKU: 382
Sale price$42,000.00

Delight in the timeless sophistication of our Victorian-inspired 3.66-carat Hexagonal Portrait Cut White Diamond Ring. This diamond, commanding attention with its grand 12.05 x 10.68 x 2.94 mm size, encapsulates an ethereal blend of classic charm and modern allure.

The hexagonal portrait cut, a fusion of tradition and rarity, bestows the diamond with a distinguished geometric profile. Each meticulously arranged facet captures and refracts light, resulting in an extraordinary spectacle of brilliance that reflects the depth and complexity of your commitment.

Adorned with a color grade of J, the diamond exudes a warm, inviting luster akin to the tender glow of enduring affection. Complemented by a clarity grade of VS2, the diamond's pristine nature symbolizes a love that is pure and steadfast.

The diamond ring, lovingly handcrafted with an open bezel setting, is not only an emblem of vintage grace but also a canvas showcasing the diamond's magnificence. With a harmonious size 6 band, it promises a comfortable fit while allowing for size adjustments to accommodate your unique preference.

Certified by the GIA, this hexagonal portrait cut diamond ring, steeped in Victorian inspiration, represents a love story that transcends time. It invites you to partake in a legacy of love, a piece to be treasured and passed down through generations, just like the stories of the timeless hexagonal cuts from history's pages.

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