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Victorian Style No Heat Burma Ruby Ring with Total 3.10 Carats

SKU: 1830
Sale price$32,000.00

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of this exquisite Burma Ruby ring, a piece of jewelry that embodies the very essence of romance and passion. This treasure features a center stone of the rare and captivating Pigeon's Blood color, a mesmerizing hue that leaves onlookers breathless with its intensity and depth.

This ring is graced with a total of five no heat Burma rubies, totaling 3.10 carats in weight, beautifully enhancing the piece's overall allure. Set in a rich 18K gold Victorian style, this breathtaking piece showcases the gemstones in a timeless and elegant design.

The centerpiece ruby, unblemished by any indications of heating, evokes the beauty of a perfect sunset, where the sky is painted in vivid shades of crimson, and the fiery orb of the sun casts its final, resplendent glow upon the world. The classic oval shape gracefully highlights the elegance of this extraordinary gem, reminiscent of the most enchanting love stories ever told.

Just as the petals of a rare and delicate rose unfold to reveal their beauty, the Pigeon's Blood color of this ruby exudes a magnetic charm that beckons the heart. It whispers the secrets of untold passions, much like a fiery phoenix soaring through the twilight, painting the sky with the promise of eternal love and devotion.

This exceptional ring, graced by a total of five no heat Burma rubies, is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a testament to the boundless beauty of love, destined to adorn the hand of the one who holds your heart for eternity.

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