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18K Yellow Gold Ring Featuring a No Heat 2.08-CT Burma Ruby

SKU: 165
Sale price$36,000.00

Indulge in the allure of this exquisite 2.08-carat cushion cut no heat Burma Ruby, now elegantly showcased within an 18K Yellow Gold ring that perfectly complements its rich, transparent red color. The ruby's magnificent hue, known for symbolizing passion and vitality, is delicately cradled in an open bezel setting, allowing light to play through the gem, enhancing its natural vibrancy and depth. The luxurious 18K Yellow Gold adds a layer of timeless elegance and refined warmth to the overall aesthetic, ensuring the piece commands attention in a subtle, yet undeniably striking manner.

Known for its authenticity and rarity, this Burma Ruby has not undergone any heat treatment, ensuring that the stone’s intrinsic beauty and value are untainted. Every glance towards this remarkable gemstone, known for both its impressive weight and the purity of its formation, tells a story of earth's incredible ability to create natural works of art. Furthermore, the robustness and splendid shine of the gold elevate the innate beauty of the ruby, making it a phenomenal piece for those who seek a genuine, unembellished celebration of nature’s artistry.

Perfectly sized at 6.25 with the possibility for adjustment, this piece offers not just a luxurious adornment but a timeless legacy, intricately weaving the marvels of nature with masterful craftsmanship. The union of the splendid, untreated Burma Ruby and the rich 18K Yellow Gold creates a piece that is not only an object of beauty but a testament to the luxurious harmony that occurs when nature’s brilliance is paired with artisanal excellence, ensuring it will be cherished across generations and narratives.

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