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Chivor's Tears: 20K Gold Gypsy Set Ring with Rare Round 7.48 CT Colombian Emerald from Chivor Mine

SKU: 1679
Sale price$24,000.00

Introducing the extraordinary 20K Gold Gypsy Set Ring, bearing a captivating 7.48 carat Colombian Emerald centerpiece. With its substantial weight and secured setting, this ring offers luxury and functionality in one beautiful package.

The exceptional Colombian Emerald, round in shape—a rarity in itself—displays a pleasing medium tone and possesses a captivating crystal quality that shimmers with every ray of light. This gemstone hails from the renowned Chivor Mine in Colombia, a place steeped in rich history and romance.

Emeralds have been mined from Chivor for over 500 years. Local folklore tells tales of the Muisca people who lived in the region before the Spanish arrival, who believed these emeralds were the tears of goddess Fura, shed for her people's suffering.

In contemporary times, the Chivor Mine is famed for its significant emerald discoveries, including a colossal 632-carat find in 2015. The mine's emeralds are renowned worldwide for their vibrant green hue, excellent transparency, and high quality.

To conclude, the 20K Gold Gypsy Set Ring with its 7.48 Colombian Emerald is an epitome of exquisite craftsmanship and rich historical relevance. This resplendent piece of jewelry, perfect for the discerning individual, is size 6.75, with the provision for size adjustment if required.

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