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18.72-Carat Cushion-Cut Diamond Necklace

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Step into the realm of unparalleled luxury with this striking necklace crafted by the acclaimed Jogani. This creation is an ode to Victorian sophistication, blending seamlessly with the modern appeal of intricate craftsmanship. Set in the luminous embrace of platinum, the necklace encapsulates timeless elegance.

The necklace's charm emanates from its sixteen cushion-cut diamonds, together weighing an impressive 18.72 carats. Each diamond, with its brilliant crystal quality, dazzles with an intensity that mirrors the purity of its clean, white hue. Their flat proportions ensure that they sit gracefully, offering a luxurious feel against the skin.

An open collet setting, reminiscent of Victorian-era design sensibilities, holds each diamond. This setting style not only amplifies the diamond's brilliance by letting in copious amounts of light but also celebrates its distinct shape.

Designed by the maestros at Jogani, every aspect of this necklace, from its choice of metal to its handcrafted finesse, speaks of a passion for perfection. It stands not just as a piece of jewelry but as an emblem of beauty, legacy, and artistry, waiting to adorn the discerning.

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