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Untreated 2.14-Carat Colombian Emerald Ring in 20K Gold

SKU: 1890
Sale price$33,000.00

Presenting our mesmerizing 2.14-carat Colombian Emerald ring, an embodiment of lush, vibrant beauty. Set in 20K gold in a flush setting, this emerald carries the radiant hues of the Colombian landscape in its vivid green color. This slightly included gemstone has a silky quality that captures the light beautifully, creating a stunning play of colors to enchant anyone who lays eyes on it.

The emerald has been meticulously crafted into a rectangular step cut, designed to maximize the natural beauty of the gemstone. The flat proportions of the cut beautifully accentuate the stone's dimensions of 9.83 x 8.74 x 3.11 mm, amplifying the medium emerald green color and making it a standout piece.

Unique in its nature, this Colombian Emerald ring has not undergone any oil treatment, a characteristic seldom seen in emeralds and a testament to its untamed beauty. Its AGL certification further attests to its high quality and authenticity.

Emerging from the heart of Colombia, this emerald carries with it an exotic allure, its slight blue-green tint a signature hue intrinsic to Colombian emeralds. With no additional clarity enhancements, the emerald stands as a beacon of natural elegance and timeless sophistication.

In essence, this 2.14-carat Colombian Emerald almost size 6.5 ring transcends traditional jewelry. It is an epitome of nature's splendor, offering a captivating spectacle that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether worn as a statement piece or added to a valued collection, this ring promises to infuse a sense of majesty and opulence to any occasion.

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