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12.42 ct No Heat Padparadscha Sapphire Platinum Ring

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Introducing a distinguished 12.42-carat Cushion Cut Ceylon Sapphire Ring, meticulously handcrafted in platinum to accentuate the unique allure of its centerpiece: an orange-pink Padparadscha Sapphire. This exquisite piece combines natural splendor and refined craftsmanship, making it an exceptional addition to any collection.

At the heart of this ring is a captivating Padparadscha Sapphire, celebrated for its rare and enchanting pinkish-orange hue. Originating from the renowned gem fields of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), this gemstone is notable for its natural color and clarity, preserved without heat treatment. Its cushion-cut shape maximizes light reflection, showcasing the sapphire’s vivid color and pristine clarity across its dimensions of 14.29 x 12.55 x 7.51 mm. The choice of an open bezel setting in platinum not only complements the gemstone's warmth but also enhances its lustrous appeal.

Every element of this ring, from the select Padparadscha Sapphire to its platinum setting, is a testament to the pursuit of luxury and meticulous handcraftsmanship. With an AGL certification (number 1127825), the authenticity and natural provenance of the sapphire are guaranteed. Designed to enchant, this ring combines rarity with timeless elegance, promising lasting allure. The ring, a size 6, offers adjustability to ensure a perfect fit, enhancing its appeal as a treasure to be cherished and admired for generations.

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