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5.29-CT Step Cut Burma No Heat Spinel

SKU: 1645
Sale price$38,000.00

This is not just any 5.29-carat spinel, it's an absolute treasure! Certified by the renowned Swiss Gemmological Institute, SSEF, this Burma Spinel is a showstopper. The shape and cut are unique and eye-catching, with its square shape and rounded corners that highlight its incredible step cut.

And the color! Oh, the color! It's a deep, fiery red that's sure to set hearts ablaze. Imagine the intense red of a ripe, juicy cherry, or the blazing glow of a sunset over the horizon. This spinel captures that same sense of awe-inspiring beauty.

The transparency is absolutely flawless, without any indication of treatment, so you know it's a natural wonder. This gemstone is one of a kind, an unparalleled masterpiece of nature. Wearing it as a piece of jewelry would be a true honor, and a surefire way to turn heads and start conversations.

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