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Jogani originals that have found a home, here for inspiration

Jogani Archives

Jogani GIA Certified 12.13 CT Diamond Platinum Necklace 1
Pigeon's Blood No Heat Burmese 1.73 CT Ruby Art Deco Platinum Ring
Jogani Jewelry 5.38 Carat Cushion Cut Champagne Diamond Ring
Golden Brown 1.8-Carat Brilliant Diamond
Jogani 0.89 Carat  Diamond Ring in 18K Gold 5
4.36-Carat Cushion Portrait Diamond Ring
 Jogani 2.01ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Platinum Ring
White Diamond Necklace in 18K Gold
Victorian-Inspired Soft Pink Sapphire Ring in 18K Gold
Victorian-Inspired 4.5-Carat Crimson Red Burmese Ruby Ring in 18K Gold
Victorian Inspired Platinum Diamond Necklace with 17.62 Carat Weight - Jogani
2.58-Carat Colombian Emerald Ring in 18K Gold
Untreated 2.14-Carat Colombian Emerald Ring in 20K Gold
5.06 CT Cushion Cut Diamond Silver & Gold Handcrafted Ring
Handcrafted Ceylon 9 CT Sapphire Bead Ring in 18K Gold by Jogani
Victorian-Inspired Three-Stone Burmese Ruby Ring by Jogani - Anup Jogani Design
Radiant Legacy: The Unique Splendor of a 4.06 CT Flat Cushion Diamond Platinum Ring - Jogani
Jogani collection: Exquisite trapezoidal sapphire necklace with 22 CT gemstone
24.80 CT, 23 Diamond Collet-Set in 18K Gold
3.00-CT Cushion Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold
Stunning 2.12 CT Lozenge Step Cut Diamond: A Renaissance Revival in 18K White Gold from Jogani
18K Gold Victorian Style Sapphire Ring by Jogani
2.62-Carat No Heat Burma Sapphire in 18K Yellow Gold Ring
Renaissance Style 2.42 CT No Heat Burma Spinel 18K Gold Ring
47.52 TCW of 39 Cushion-Cut Diamonds in Gold and Silver Necklace
4.68-CT Colombian Emerald Ring
71.5-CT Pink and Orange Spinel Gold Necklace
Exquisite 5.64 CT No Oil Colombian Emerald Sugarloaf Ring in 18K Gold - Jogani
Exquisite Victorian-Style Crown-Set Burma No Heat Pink
Exquisite Victorian Crown-Set 17-Carat Burma No Heat Ruby
11.31 CT Cushion Cut No Heat Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire
Chivor's Tears: 20K Gold Gypsy Set Ring with Rare Round 7.48 CT Colombian Emerald from Chivor Mine - Jogani
7.08ct Spinel & Emerald Gold Ring
2.91-ct Old Euro Faint Pink SI1 Diamond in Hand-Hammered
Fura’s Tears: Colombian Minor Oil Emerald Earrings of Legend
1.89 Carat Oval No Heat Burma Ruby 20K Gold Ring
4 CT Oval, No Heat Burma Sapphire Gold Ring
2.22 CT Step Cut Colombian Emerald Gold Ring
5.24 CT Euro, Rose Cut White Diamond Ring
5.27 Octagonal Step Cut Spinel Ring - SKU 1333
3.52 CT Oval No Heat Burma Sapphire Ring