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Jogani originals that have found a home, here for inspiration

Jogani Archives

Elongated Cushion Diamond Ring
2 Pear Diamond Ring
Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye & Diamond 18K Gold Ring
2.15-CT Old Mine Diamond Platinum Ring
Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, 3.01 ct
Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, 3.46 ct
Jogani GIA Certified 12.13 CT Diamond Platinum Necklace 1
Pigeon's Blood No Heat Burmese 1.73 CT Ruby Art Deco Platinum Ring
Cabochon Colombian Emerald Ring, 7.55 ct
Jogani Jewelry 5.38 Carat Cushion Cut Champagne Diamond Ring
Jogani 0.62ct Burmese Ruby Ring in 18K Gold 7
Golden Brown 1.8-Carat Brilliant Diamond
Jogani 0.89 Carat  Diamond Ring in 18K Gold 5
5.01 CT Flat Cushion Cut Diamond Gold Ring
4.36-Carat Cushion Portrait Diamond Ring
 Jogani 2.01ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Platinum Ring
 Jogani 2.75 CT Cherry-Red Spinel Ring 8
18.72-Carat Cushion-Cut Diamond Necklace
Victorian-Inspired Diamond Set Necklace & Ring
Victorian Azure Magic: A Five-Sapphire Ring Set in 18K Yellow Gold
Briolette Diamond Necklace, 40.00 tcw
White Diamond Necklace in 18K Gold
10.40-CT Oval Padparadscha Sapphire Necklace in 18K Rose Gold and Platinum
Victorian-Inspired Soft Pink Sapphire Ring in 18K Gold
Victorian-Inspired 4.5-Carat Crimson Red Burmese Ruby Ring in 18K Gold
Victorian Inspired Platinum Diamond Necklace with 17.62 Carat Weight - Jogani
2.58-Carat Colombian Emerald Ring in 18K Gold
Untreated 2.14-Carat Colombian Emerald Ring in 20K Gold
5.06 CT Cushion Cut Diamond Silver & Gold Handcrafted Ring
2.5 CT Ruby Bead Ring - Handcrafted by Anup Jogani
Handcrafted Ceylon 9 CT Sapphire Bead Ring in 18K Gold by Jogani
Victorian-Inspired Three-Stone Burmese Ruby Ring by Jogani - Anup Jogani Design
Radiant Legacy: The Unique Splendor of a 4.06 CT Flat Cushion Diamond Platinum Ring - Jogani
Jogani collection: Exquisite trapezoidal sapphire necklace with 22 CT gemstone
24.80 CT, 23 Diamond Collet-Set in 18K Gold
Anup Jogani's masterpiece: Renaissance romance in a Colombian emerald ring
3.00-CT Cushion Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold
Enchanted Embrace: An 11-CT Rustic Symphony of Gold and Silver with Portrait Cut White Diamonds from Jogani
Stunning 2.12 CT Lozenge Step Cut Diamond: A Renaissance Revival in 18K White Gold from Jogani
Victorian Inspired 3.00-Carat Flat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring with Burma No Heat Rubies
Romantic Burma No Heat Ruby Collet Ring: A Victorian-style
18K Gold Victorian Style Sapphire Ring by Jogani
7.17-Carat Blush Pink Padparadscha Sapphire in 20K Gold Open Bezel Setting
Victorian Gypsy Set Style 6.00 CT Cats Eye Cabochon Chrysoberyl Gold Ring
Step Cut Ceylon Sapphire, 7.61
2.62-Carat No Heat Burma Sapphire in 18K Yellow Gold Ring
Renaissance Style 2.42 CT No Heat Burma Spinel 18K Gold Ring
47.52 TCW of 39 Cushion-Cut Diamonds in Gold and Silver Necklace