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5.37 CT Cushion Ceylon Alexandrite Platinum Ring

SKU: 1010
Sale price$95,000.00

As you gaze upon this 5.37-carat Cushion Cut Ceylon Alexandrite in a platinum ring, you are immediately struck by its mesmerizing beauty. Its captivating appearance is a result of the unique way it changes color in different lighting conditions. In fluorescent light, it displays a cool, bluish green hue, evocative of the tranquil sea on a clear day. But when bathed in the warm glow of incandescent light, it transforms into a breathtaking shade of brownish pink, reminiscent of a sunset sky.

Certified by AGL, this extraordinary gemstone is a true marvel of nature. Measuring 9.74 x 9.62 x 7.13 mm, its proportions are perfectly balanced, lending it a sense of harmony and symmetry. The color description given by AGL, Bluish Green to Brownish Pink, only begins to do justice to the enchanting spectrum of hues that dance across its surface.

With every facet and angle revealing a new facet of its brilliance, this Cushion Cut Ceylon Alexandrite is a work of art. Its flawless clarity and impeccable cut ensure that it sparkles and shines with every movement, casting a spell over all who behold it.

In short, this gemstone platinum ring is a true marvel, and a perfect embodiment of the very essence of romance. With its exquisite color-changing properties and dazzling beauty, it is a symbol of the endless possibilities and wondrous surprises that love has to offer.

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