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Victorian-Inspired 2.10 CT Oval Diamond Ring

SKU: 1687
Sale price$22,000.00

Introducing our Victorian-inspired 2.10 carat Oval shaped Diamond handmade Ring - a distinctive blend of expert craftsmanship and natural beauty. Housed within a minimalist bezel setting is an enchanting diamond that radiates an amber hue, creating an irresistible allure.

The diamond's color, officially graded by the GIA as Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish Orange, exudes an organic charm, reminiscent of warm amber. The even distribution of this exceptional color further amplifies the gemstone's captivating beauty, making it a masterpiece to behold. Accompanied by GIA report number 6224645269, this diamond's color and clarity grades are assured, providing an extra layer of confidence in its authenticity and value.

Displaying an SI1 clarity grade, this diamond promises to catch and refract light with every motion, ensuring a stunning sparkle that won't go unnoticed. Expertly cut in an oval shape and measuring 10.07 x 7.24 x 4.12 mm, this gemstone is designed to catch the eye, whether it stands alone or becomes the centerpiece of a more intricate design.

Set within a fusion of platinum and 24K white gold, this ring pays homage to the elegance of the Victorian era whilst embracing modern minimalism. Currently at size 6.25, the ring can be expertly adjusted to ensure a perfect fit.

Behold the unique beauty and timeless sophistication of our 2.10 carat Oval shaped Diamond Ring. Its amber-like color, expert craftsmanship, and distinctive design promise to leave an everlasting impression.

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